Out-of-job advocate dies in Siddipet Hospital, misses his baby's birth by seconds

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  8 Aug 2020 11:12 AM GMT
Out-of-job advocate dies in Siddipet Hospital, misses his babys birth by seconds

Hyderabad: An advocate of the Nampally Bar Association, Errolla Srinivas, collapsed and died on the spot on Friday evening (August 7) at the Siddipet Government General Hospital, moments before his child was born.

Srinivas' wife was also admitted to the same hospital in Siddipet on August 7, after she began experiencing labour pains. At the same time, Srinivas, who had been under mental stress due to the Coronavirus pandemic, was suffering from high fever.

Speaking to NewsMeter Kothi Naveen, Srinivas' cousin, said, "My brother had tested negative for the virus a few days ago but we had to visit 3-4 hospitals to ensure that his temperature subsided. The doctors at all the hospitals we visited, specially the Government Hospital, were negligent in providing proper treatment,” he said.

Srinivas also went to Suraksha Hospital in Siddipet, among others.

Further, Naveen added that the mental stress of travelling from pillar to post, despite having tested negative, was gruesome for Srinivas. "Somehow, my brother believed that he was infected with the virus and the hospital staff had been negligent in providing treatment for him.”

In view of the pandemic, Srinivas could not earn enough for his family through legal cases and he switched to farming. He did not get many clients since March due to the pandemic-imposed lockdown. The financial stress hit him hard, Naveen said.

"In the same hospital, his wife was giving birth to their baby while on the other hand, Srinivas was close to his end. He passed away at 6.30 pm, moments before his child was also born."

The mother and child are healthy.

Naveen, at the time of publishing this article, was performing his brother's last rites.

Srinivas hailed from Aakunuru village in Cherial mandal, Siddipet district.

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