Hyderabad: The Chancellor of Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU) has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi requesting him to extend the lockdown till 24 May because “overenthusiastic Muslims” will crowd the markets during Ramzan and give rise to new clusters.

In his letter, Firoz Bakht Ahmed wrote, “If it (the lockdown) is lifted on 3 May, a time when Corona will reach its peak in India, overenthusiastic Muslims (as seen in the case of uncontrollable Tablighi Jamat followers) will start crowding markets, holding iftar parties and prayer gatherings.”

He further said this will give rise to new Corona clusters and will nullify the government’s work. The Chancellor, in the letter dated 16 April, apologised on behalf of all Muslims who are attacking doctors, nurses, and other health officials. He said, “As a law-abiding Indian Muslim, I apologise on behalf of all those belonging to my community in quarantine in India, indulging in violence against doctors, nurses, health workers, police, safai karmacharies, etc.”

The MANUU Chancellor had earlier sparked controversy for his comments in favour of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). On 20 December, Mr Ahmed had said, “I appeal to everyone to not fall into the clutches of politicians who want to break India. Kindly avoid taking to the roads and instead strengthen the hands of your Prime Minister Narendra Modi. I vouch for the PM who is your well-wisher. His slogan for Muslims has been ‘Ek hath mein Quran, Ek hath mein computer’(The Quran in one hand, a computer in the other).”

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