Panel to finalise recommendations on 3-capital plan, discuss theme cities

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  17 Jan 2020 7:20 AM GMT
Panel to finalise recommendations on 3-capital plan, discuss theme cities

Hyderabad: A high-powered committee formed by the Andhra Pradesh government is expected to firm up its final recommendations on the three-capital issue in its meeting today, before submitting them to Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy on January 20.

The panel has met thrice so far and discussed reports submitted by the GN Rao committee and BCG. The state Cabinet, which will meet on January 20, will likely take a call on the final recommendations. The Assembly session is scheduled to begin the same day.

Apart from issues concerning farmers in Amaravati, sources said, the high-powered committee will also focus on a host of areas aimed at creating highly liveable urban ecosystems that provide a productive, comfortable and happy life to all its residents. These set-ups will have facilities for efficient use of natural resources – land, water and energy – minimal commute, green technologies, green spaces, waterfronts, etc. to promote smart and sustainable urban development. They will be guided by urban planning and policies that promote vertical development along transportation corridors, not only within the city but also in the larger Metropolitan area, thereby preventing the development of urban sprawl.

The high-powered committee is likely to discuss the theme cities raised by BJP’s Rajya Sabha member Sujana Chowdary in his letter addressed to the CM. Sujana Chowdary has said that the earlier government had drawn up a “Master Plan” for the development of Amaravati consisting of 9 theme cities – Government City (2,702 acres), Justice City (3,438 acres), Finance City (5,168 acres), Knowledge City (8,547 acres), Electronic City (6,582 acres), Health City (6,511 acres), Sports City (4,150 acres), Media City (5,107 acres), and Tourism City (11,574 acres).

According to the sources, in case the three-capital comes into vogue, the committee wants to suggest to the CM that these 9 theme cities can be equally developed in the proposed three capital regions.

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