Hyderabad: Police have identified the victim, whose body was found in a room in the farmhouse owned by Tollywood actor Nagarjuna Akkineni’s family, on Thursday. The victim’s wallet and the documents inside it identify the body as Chakali Pandu (30) from Papireddyguda village at Keshampet near Shadnagar of Ranga Reddy district.

Upon further enquiries, the police found that Pandu had committed suicide. After speaking to his family, the officials learnt that he has been missing for more than three years as he had left his home a long time ago. He had written a suicide note stating that nobody was responsible for his death and that nothing had ever worked for him since childhood.

His brother had earlier dies and left them, and Pandu insists that he is not interested in getting married and having children. He made specific instructions in his letter to leave his share of agricultural land worth Rs 19 lakh to his mother.

However, the officials still conducted a post-mortem examination on the skeletal remains, and the samples were sent for forensic analysis. The investigation will proceed based on the reports.

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