Parents stage protest at St. Andrews School, Bowenpally

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  14 July 2020 10:56 AM GMT
Parents stage protest at St. Andrews School, Bowenpally

Hyderabad: Parents of over fifty students at the St. Andrews School, Bowenpally, staged a protest against the management for a sudden fee hike on Tuesday, 14th July. The parents expressed their anger over the unanticipated increase of fees collected every academic year, and alleged that the management is demanding a variety of sums in the aegis of tution fee.

The parents are demanding to bifurcate the tuition fee and divide it into different categories. ”While previously the management had segregated the fee, from the 2018-19 session, they have clubbed infrastructure fees, computer fees, and all the other fees under one tuition fee. We are ready to pay the tuition fee but are not able to afford the burden of other fees,” said Abhishek Kumar, parent of one of the students.

The school management had set July 14 as the deadline for fee payment, and had allegedly threatened to cut off the link of the online class. On Saturday, these parents gave a representation to the school for the same but the school management responded vaguely. On Tuesday, these parents came to school and protested against the school management.

“They have increased the tuition fee by 10 percent, as compared to last year. During this pandemic, everyone is struggling to earn money, and several have lost their jobs" said Sujata Borde, another parent. She stressed that due to low income, it is difficult for parents to afford such a high sum.

As a result of the protest, the school management has asked until 21st July to simmer upon the issue, and agreed to continue online classes until the final decision is made.

According to parents, the school management said they are looking for state government help. In a case where the school management does not receive government aid, they might stick with the same amount.

The Telangana government in April issued an order to schools, directing them to not hike any kind of fee during the academic year 2020-21, while asking them to collect only school fees on a monthly basis.

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