Pawan Kalyan, once a good man is now spreading caste and religious hate: Raju Ravi Tej

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  13 Dec 2019 8:29 PM GMT
Pawan Kalyan, once a good man is now spreading caste and religious hate: Raju Ravi Tej

Hyderabad: Janasena idealogue and Politburo member Raju Ravi Tej who resigned from the party on Friday accused his friend and party chief Pawan Kalyan of poisoning the society. Ravi Tej said Pawan Kalyan turned into a dangerous, divisive force and spreading caste and religious hate. Raju's comments have gained significance in the wake of Pawan Kalyan making remarks against specific community and caste.

Raju Ravi Tej in a statement said," I wish everyone to note that I have nothing to do with Pawan Kalyan or Jana Sena party which I helped to create in 2014. I was the first General Secretary of the party. I created the party ideology and party constitution and played a critical role in starting the party,"


"Currently I am a member of the party politburo which I have reluctantly agreed to be upon Kalyan's insistence. I will not work with Kalyan or be associated with him or with Jana Sena party ever again,"

He added, "once a good man, Pawan Kalyan has turned into a dangerous, divisive force driven by vindictiveness and caste and religious hate. He should never be allowed to occupy the office of political or social power. What you received without deserving will disappear without your consent."

Pawan Kalyan poisoning the society : Ravi Tej

Raju Ravitej in a video message said, "I have seen a lot of political activity involving Pawan Kalyan which is downright dishonest, manipulative, undesirable activity and unethical in many ways'

Raju Ravi Tej added,"If he goes on creating chaos if he goes on poisoning the people, instigating one group against other, sowing seeds of poison among people that person is going to do great damage to the society. There is a lot of vindictiveness, a lot of revenge attitude, vendetta, that kin of persons should be prevented from leadership. He is instating people against one another, and the is willing to poison whether they are poisoned or not is the next step. He was willing to do. He inclines to do that. If he wins, this is a dangerous trait to society. He gets his way there will be chaos. There will be hate in society towards one another. Should such a person be allowed to germinate such hate? that's why I am critical about it,"

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