Hyderabad: K. Balachander’s ‘Rudraveena’ is one of the masterpieces in Indian cinema. The Chiranjeevi starrer, which has Gemini Ganesan and Shobana in key roles, was released in 1988. This musical drama, back then, was a blockbuster and even now, has a huge fan following. Once again, fans of Chiranjeevi were reminded of how ‘Rudraveena’ inspired many youngsters back in that time.

Actor turned politician Pawan Kalyan, recently took to his Twitter handle to write about ‘Rudraveena.’ He raised his voice against the YSR Congress-led government in Andhra Pradesh and asked its leaders to draw inspiration from the songs in ‘Rudraveena’.

Sharing a poster of the film Pawan Kalyan wrote, “The film ‘Rudraveena’ film directed by Shri K. Balachander produced by my elder brother & JSP leader ‘Shri Nagababu’ and my eldest brother Megastar’ Shri Chiranjeevi garu (Fmr. Rajyasabha member &Tourism minister of India)’ starred in it, is quite an inspiring film for me (sic).”

In continuation to it, he added, “This film is inspired by social activist Shri Anna Hazare, and this film has amazing music given by ‘Maestro Shri Ilayaraja’ & soul-stirring lyrics by Padmasri’ Sri Sirivennela Sitaramasasthry’. Two of his lyrics are very relevant to the contemporary political situation in AP (sic).”

He tweeted short videos of the songs’ Chuttu pakkala chudara…’ and ‘Nammaku nammaku ee reyini…’ and netizens were took a trip down memory lane.

Keeping aside the political aspect in these tweets, it is true that ‘Rudraveena’ film was a cult film back then and broke many stereotypes. Director Balachander had sent a social message, especially to youngsters. Through the movie, he had raised his voice against discrimination towards people who belonged to the lower castes.

In the movie, Sastry (Gemini Ganesan), is a musician belonging to the upper caste. He did not like the ideologies of his son Suryam (Chiranjeevi), who wanted to do his best for society. Later, Suryam walks out of the house and the events that take unfold bring about a change in Sastry’s views. ‘Rudraveena’ is a beautiful film, with a story that people relate and connect to even today.

It has been 31 years since the film was released and yet it never fails to impress the young generation. Not just the political leaders, but for anyone, who is having a bad day or low levels of confidence, ‘Rudraveena’ will pep up their energy. If you haven’t watched it yet, then give it a try.

Bhavana Sharma

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  • “This film is inspired by social activist Shri Anna Hazare” — Pawan Kalyan Garu, do you know Anna Hazare? Have you seen his posh office in Mumbai? Do you know Who financed his activities? Hazare was Chandrababu’s advisor on Watersheds, an utterly failure programme. In fact in a TV discussion, Gujarat Minister on water resources openly challenged to prove the success of watershed programme in Gujarat. Even AP it was a failure [Chandrababu himself said this during his visit to Mahboobnagar watershed programme]. At a felicitation function to a Journalist from Mumbai at Sundarayya Vignana kendram, top edits attended this function, they raised the Palamuru people moving to Mumbai and this has a special bus facility. At this point some body [editor] said in Mahboonnagar and Anantapur district people moving in by-cycle are now moving in BMW cars. Another editors voiced this is the money of watersheds and food for work programme during Chandrababu regime. Anna Hazare made protests in Delhi but achieved nothing on corruption.I did much on this without doring any such dramas. During 2005 & 2012 the government implemented my suggestion that saved the government money and black money role.

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