Hyderabad: Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan has decided to hold a massive rally in support of construction labourers in Visakhapatnam on November 3. The political affairs committee of the party headed by Pawan held a meeting in its central office on Sunday. There was a discussion on various issues that prevail in the Telugu states. The party decided to start a political battle on the failures of the YSRCP government in Andhra Pradesh.

Jana Sena expressed concerns about the scarcity of sand in Andhra Pradesh. The members of the political affairs committee felt that due to the government’s failure in supplying adequate sand, lakhs of construction labourers have become jobless. The labourers’ families are facing severe starvation due to the inaction and listlessness of the government, the members opined in the meeting.

The local leaders of the party will decide the place and duration of the rally. This would become the first protest of Jana Sena after YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s government took reins of the state.

The meeting also condemned the YSRC government’s decision to terminate the contract and outsourcing employees in the state. “Telangana government discontinued 48 thousand RTC employees. However, Andhra Pradesh government decided to terminate 2.5 lakh contract and outsourcing employees, which is five times bigger than the neighbouring state,” commented the committee. Jana Sena felt that it is not the right decision to discontinue a large number of employees when they are asking for regularisation.

Further, the committee held discussions on the performance of the YSRC government, power crisis, false cases on Jana Sena cadre, and delay in the abolition of the Contributory Pension Scheme of government employees. It also discussed the 16 days strike of Telangana RTC employees.

The political affairs committee members included Nadendla Manohar, Thota Chandrasekhar, Rapaka Varaprasad (MLA), and Kandula Durgesh attended the meeting.

Durga Ramesh

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  • Under heavy rains who will undertake construction activity? During rainy season the sand will be affected. Why the builders are not looking at rocksandy? In fact few years back this is was mooted by builders? During rainy season construction labour move to other activities. How many lakhs of construction labour work in Vijag? Or is it from the air!!!

    Telangana RTC strike — People elected government. The government has a right to select which is good and which is bad. Trade unions have their own vested interests. During early 70% Jorge Fernandez initiated railway strike that destroyed the national economy and progress in new railway lines, etc. Later in his life his own wife exposed him on the corruption front. Now NDA government initiated privatization of few railway lines and mooting to privatetize the Air India/Indian Airlines. TRS government clearly telling 50% will be with RTC and 30% on lease and 20% outside. The government thought it is a better way of running the RTC in profit mode.

    We have seen NGO leader of government employees who got ptranization by Chandrababu and now enjoying power.

    The new government has started only in fw months back. Don’t you think it takes time to streamline all the bad state off-affairs of Chandrababu government. At that time you worked with him. It appears you have become restless and making statements without understanding the basics. May be films are better than politics???
    Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

  • — continued above — jana sena leader says 2.5 lakh outsourcing and contact employees. These were not recruited but appointed by Chandrababu government. If Chandrababu has recruited them through proper channel, then it is not correct but it was not done like that. He provided employment to TDP cadre with the government money. You may not remember a fact that NTR removed village munsiffs and Karanams system [based on caste system] and put TDP cadre in those posts and destriyed revenue records. May be you are busy with films at that time.

    Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

  • Personal attacks on Jagan by Chandrababu & Pawan Kalyan and TDP leaders show their desperateness in politics. There are few things we must understand on the issue.

    Cases were filed against Jagan and Chandrababu in AP High Court. Jagan was an ordinary politician; but Chandrababu was a former CM for two terms prior to 2004. The court directed CBI to enquire both the cases. But CBI with satellite speed started filing charge sheets with the help of NGOs & Yellow Media [even now the very same yellow media is desperate to make Jagan unpopular with their more than 25 print & electronic media houses] under Quid –Pro-Co. Quid-Pro-Co means if King’s first-wife is good then automatically the second wife is bad & biased theory. But CBI put the High Court order on Chandrababu in the Cup-Board saying that sufficient staff is not available. When the court directed the CBI relating to two politicians, CBI should have done balancing act but they failed to do that, which shows deep-rooted conspiracy against Jagan and in favour of Chandrababu.

    Taking the advantage of CBI not submitting any charge sheets, Chandrababu approached the Supreme Court. Here he used “not before me” clause and got the case posted to his advantage judge bench. The bench sent the case to AP High Court back. The case was posted to a bench in AP High Court but the judge cleared the decks by saying his family is associated with the TDP [this is the case with majority of the judges] and he recused from the bench. The case went to another judge. Chandrababa’s advocate again used “not before me” clause. The case went to friendly judge who dismissed the case.

    On this I submitted a mail dated 11th February 2013 to CJI of Supreme Court with copy to Prime Minister of India in which I raised three issues, namely “Quid-Pro-Co”, “Not Before me” clause and judges recruitment “collegium system”. Former two are illogical and are used to manipulate justice. The misuse of these two clauses is more hazardous than corruption itself. Justice is rarely achieved with such a system.

    Unfortunately in the recruitment of judges there is no independent body like UPSC and thus lacking integrity. Majority of the judges belong to particular industrial/business/ political groups as they are behind their appointments/recruitments. My letter to PM was forwarded [May be – as many of mails were forwarded and appropriate action was taken earlier] to law ministry and law ministry organized a meeting with CMs, judges along with PM. CMs favoured UPSC but judges disagreed. However, government brought out NJAC Act, 2014 in place of existing collegiums system and this was notified on April 15, 2015. However, Supreme Court rejected this. This shows how judiciary works. Let me give an example on Quid-Pro-Co:

    For the establishment of Pharma city at Parawada, Chandrababu in 2001 created a committee, he himself as Chairman. Environmental groups questioned him on the veracity in establishing high pollution potential pharma industries in low pollution potential zone [Parawada]. A government report stated this. Chandrababu rarely respected environmental aspects. He wanted to give the project L&T for outright sale of 2143 acres. But as an acting Chief Minister in 2004, he made MoU with Ramky for 33-year lease. As a CFE committee member I put my descent note and a case was filed in AP High Court but dismissed this by the same friendly judge – who also dismissed the PIL case on Shamshabad Airport with no respect for Supreme Court judgment and Precautionary Principle. On this I approached the CBI, after taking all documents and hearing my voice for around 4 hours, CBI expressed sorry we can do little on this –.

    Land allocations for different activities were cleared by the technical committee and the same was approved by the CFE Committee. Charge sheet 3 states that under quid-pro-co Ramky purchased shares worth 10 crores in Jagan’s company – anybody can buy shares. I wrote a letter to APPCB Chairman on Ramky’s pollution issues at Dindigal & Parawada. Immediately Bank Guarantee was forfeited and later technical committee fined around 8/5 crores (?). Dr. YSR did not interfere on this.

    Chandrababu allocated lands in Mahbubnagar SEZ to pharma companies few acres for outright sale. The same industries were members of Pharma city approached the government of Dr. YSR to give the land for 33 years lease as Pharma city lands were given on 33 years lease. The government agreed. Here the important point is CBI did not find quid-pro-co with Chandrababu’s action with 2143 acres but CBI found quid-pro-co with few acres land [charge sheet 7].

    We all know the courts action on when a rapist came forward to marry his rape victim. If we look at Pavan Kalyan in this context he has no respect for women. He follows “use and through them” like a wastepaper. Such person with poor ethics has no right to be in politics/public life preaching sermons on others. Because of this only people did not vote him in 2019 elections. Everybody knows how much money they collected for giving ticket to MLAs and MPs in an earlier political party.

    Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

  • Pawan Kalyan went to Rayalaseema and talking like a uneducated man on issues of agriculture and drought conditions. The present scenario is due to TDP as they failed to implement the irrigation projects and instead implemented watersheds and food for work and minted money. Because of this AP lost the share of water for surplus water projects. Dr. YSR initiated these projects under Jalayagnam by raising the level in Pthireddypadu head regulator. With this people of Rayalaseema got water for drinking and irrigation. If TDP would have taken up the Polavaram project [Late Anajayya garu laid the foundation stone in 1981 after Bachawat Tribunal cleared for the project] through linking of Kridshna and Godavari, Rayalaseema would have benefitted. Pawan Kalyan as an ignorent on these blaming non-TDP. He also made statements saying people investing on projects but he is investing money on changing wives. Which is good for benefitting people. Who is paying the money for his tours? Is he working as an agent of Chandrababu?

    Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

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