Pension to those above 57 years from April: KCR

By Sreenivasa Rao Dasari  Published on  25 Jan 2020 3:29 PM GMT
Pension to those above 57 years from April: KCR


  • Pattana Pragati on lines of Palle Prgati; NRI policy, new Municipal Act soon; To hike retirement age for govt employees
  • KCR bats for urbanization, economy, slowdown, GST, dues, healthcare

Hyderabad: Upbeat over the latest massive mandate for TRS in municipal elections, K Chandrashekhar Rao, Telangana Chief Minister, has decided to take up Pattana Pragati on the lines of Palle Pragati to ensure an all-round development in urban areas. The Chief Minister is also keen on bringing out an exclusive NRI policy and new Municipal Act very soon.

“As we promised, the TRS government will be implementing pension scheme for those who’re over 57 years of age. Rs 2,116 every month, they will get pension from April 2020 onwards. The age limit enhancement for retirement of government employees will also be taken up. We are working on framing a new policy for NRIs. Particularly, Telanganites working in Gulf countries are suffering a lot. The new policy will address the issues and fix the problems,” assures the Chief Minister.

The CM expressed concerns over the low wages of Telanganites in Gulf countries, while advising them to return to home land for a better pay and family life.

“Our people working in Gulf countries are earning a mere Rs 20,000 a month. We have better opportunities in Hyderabad. For instance, construction and real estate sectors are offering good employment. It is estimated that 15 lakh workers are engaged in construction and housing sectors. Majority of them are from Bihar, Jharkhand, UP, are coming to Hyderabad and other parts of Telangana. Why not our people in Gulf return to Hyderabad and start working here and living happy with their families? Towards this, I will take up a tour to Gulf countries and interact with our people there. I already spoke to National Academy of Construction to set up training centers in every district for our people,” maintained KCR.

Rampant Urbanisation

“Urbanisation is rapidly taking place. It’s forecast that 50 per cent of Telangana population will be in urban areas in the near future. In the wake of urbanization, we are facing several challenges and we have to fix them as early as possible. Particularly, land-locked urban areas should be alert on population growth. About five lakh people are added to Hyderabad every year. Where we can go as migration is rampant? We need to provide drinking water, sanitation, drainage, roads, healthcare, public transportation, power, and several civic amenities. We need to create satellite townships to accommodate increasing population and ensuring industrial growth as well. Otherwise, the day is not far off for Hyderabad to face the challenges being faced by New Delhi, which is suffering from air pollution the most after Beijing. The TRS government will provide training on civic amenities to the officials, MLAs and ministers. We will be sending teams from Telangana to overseas to study what is happening elsewhere in the world,” said KCR.

Rs5,000-cr GST dues from Centre

The pending dues from the central government are tightening the hands of the Telangana government, says KCR, who further added that the timely release of funds as part of our share would facilitate the state government to take up development and welfare schemes as per the schedule. “We have to receive over Rs5,000 crore dues as part of our GST share. We protested over the delay at the Parliament. Still Rs 2,812 crore as IGST dues pending with the Centre. I will write a letter to the Prime Minister and Union Finance Minister in this regard,” said KCR.

Economy slowdown

KCR had expressed concerns over how the economy recession impacts a well-to-do state like Telangana. “We grew 21 per cent Y-o-Y for the first five years after formation of Telangana state. Now, it’s only 9.5 per cent growth. Because of wrong policy decisions of NDA government, entire nation is suffering. Telangana is part of India and also feeling the heat of the economy slowdown. We have been able to maintain growth just because of real estate and housing sectors,” observes KCR.

Profiling Healthcare

The CM said that the TRS government would take up profiling healthcare of people very soon. Kanti Velugu, a scheme for eye testing and distribution of spectacles, during the fag end of first term in Telangana was a huge success. Medical experts call it as the world’s largest eye screening program, said KCR.

The new healthcare profile scheme includes ENT test and treatment as well. “Since it’s a huge mission, we are very cautious and keen on making necessary arrangements for health profile scheme. We are not in a hurry as well. But we will come out with the scheme in a comprehensive manner,” said KCR.

Literacy drive

Telangana government is keen on making the state a 100 per cent literate. Towards this, KCR has taken up a new scheme ‘Everyone Teach One.’ “We have to engage everyone right from ward members, sarpanches to MLAs, MLCs, Ministers in achieving 100 per cent literacy in Telangana. If everyone is involved in this task, we can see a remarkable change within a year. Further, we would like to introduce moral values as a subject in schools. We are discussing with scholars, educationists and all sections of the people on preparing a subject on moral values. So that inculcating good culture and positive thinking in the children right from primary school level,” said KCR.

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