People say no to sharing information for surveys amidst CAA NRC protests

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  22 Feb 2020 8:07 AM GMT
People say no to sharing information for surveys amidst CAA NRC protests

Hyderabad: It was about a week ago when the locals of the Jinsy colony in Golconda, Khammam gave a bitter experience to the team of members who came to conduct a survey regarding Lepers.

Locals stopped the officials thinking they had come for a CAA NRC survey. Even after the officers told them, the locals didn't listen and told them to go away.

The people have taken a stand of their own saying no papers will be shown. The officials coming for a survey felt the wrath of the people. The locals also opposed a statistical survey team. Locals also opposed the "Aayushmaan Bhava NCD Survey".

This has not been a new sight as the same has been happening in many parts of the country where national census has been facing problems. Looking at the present situation, the officials could only do it for name sake in 2-3 Households and went away.

During a similar situation around 2 weeks ago, A statistical survey team had faced the heat as the locals did not support them. Even after the officials explained the purpose behind the survey, locals showed no interest. They further said, " With the current situation, there is no question of coordinating for any information". The officials further backed off. These searches have impacted people in a large manner. Even when a Cordon search takes place, people are equally disappointed. Back in December, A local MLA had opposed a Cordon search operation in Old city. He even denied the Policemen.

Coming to the country wide situation, it has been the same. In some parts of the country, people have come down to attacking the surveyors on asking information, according to the complaints from NSO (National Statistical office).

For example, In-order to gain information for the United Kingdom Sustainable development goals 2030, there have been obstacles in every sage. The capacity to buy a house & other general updates are known. This is a socio-economic survey. But questions like, " Are you staying here from the past 6 months?, Where have you stayed before? Does anyone of your family member want to go to a different place? In which country have you stayed before? Do you have a Genetic-validation letter? are raising doubts in the minds of the people.

NSO has also received complaints regarding surveyors being attacked in places like Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Maharashtra, Bihar & Karnataka. No surveys have been happening in West Bengal. Surveyor's behavior is been questioned in local areas. District level officials have been telling that this is not the right time to conduct any survey.

Pertinent questions were thought to be the primary reason for this outrage but particular questions on name and religion is also triggering the people. Not only the UAN survey but also financial & labour force surveys have been stopped in Bengal. Bihar has almost been the same. Even the marketing surveys done by private companies to increase their sales have also been opposed, stating the extent of fear people have in for revealing information. Officials have raised concerns regarding the present situation & say that the National census can also face a lot of problems.

With the ongoing CAA & NRC, people have instilled fear for the word called "Survey".

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