Physical relationship with accused led to NRSC staffer’s murder in Hyderabad

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  4 Oct 2019 4:16 PM GMT
Physical relationship with accused led to NRSC staffer’s murder in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Three days after National Remote Sensing Centre staffer S Suresh Kumar was found dead in his apartment, Hyderabad police arrested N Srinivas for the crime. The police informed that Suresh and Srinivas shared a physical relationship and an argument over a financial transaction for the relationship led to Suresh’s brutal death.

City Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar said that evidence such as blood, hair, and semen and call data proved Srinivas’ role in the crime. The latter had also searched online on how to kill someone. “We have seized the knife used in the offence, mobile phones and two gold rings owned by Suresh Kumar from the accused. This indicates that he was involved in the murder,” said Anjani.

According to the police, the duo, on Monday, consumed alcohol and engaged in intercourse. Afterwards, an argument broke out between the two over payment for the act. As the debate heated up, Srinivas picked up a knife and attacked Suresh Kumar on the head, killing him on the spot. He then locked the house from outside and fled from the spot.

Suresh’s wife Indira had moved to Chennai after she got a transfer in her bank job and their children accompanied her, leaving Suresh alone at home. Meanwhile, Suresh met Srinivas while the former used to visit a nearby diagnostic centre for getting blood tests. As their interests matched, it led to a friendship and soon turned into a physical relationship between the two. It continued for two years without the knowledge of both of their families.

It was also found that Srinivas had gotten married recently, but due to his relation with Suresh, Srinivas abandoned his wife. The duo was firmly committed to each other, but an argument over the financial matter led to the murder, said police officials.

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