Pigeon inside Go Air flight, video goes viral

By Aiswarya Sriram  Published on  29 Feb 2020 2:08 PM GMT
Pigeon inside Go Air flight, video goes viral

Hyderabad: In an amusing incident, a pigeon boarded a Go-air flight, flying from Ahmadabad to Jaipur. The flight was delayed by half an hour due to the pigeon. The video of the pigeon flying up and down along the aisle of the flight went viral and Twitteratis couldn’t stop themselves from making memes out of it.

In the viral video, it can be seen that the pigeon is flying up and down the aisle, and some passengers are trying to catch it. The video also showed the cabin crew ducking to avoid the pigeon.

Following the incident, many memes went viral on social media. Many of them were targeted at comedian Kunal Kamra as he was banned from most of the Indian airline flights.

Another Twitter user made a meme on Kunal Kamra, imagining his reaction saying how pigeons are allowed in the flight while he is not.

Well, Twitteratis didn’t stop here, they also created a page for the pigeon.

Many in Twitter also personified the Pigeon, by bringing out its emotions.

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