PM Modi cleans beach at Mahabalipuram

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  12 Oct 2019 8:52 AM GMT
PM Modi cleans beach at Mahabalipuram

Chennai: Donning the traditional Tamil attire of Veshti, Sattai and Angavasthram, Prime Minister Narendra Modi welcomed Chinese President Xi Jinping in Mahabalipuram. He also surprised everyone by cleaning the Mahabalipuram beach during his morning walk and stressed on keeping public places tidy.

After dinner with the Chinese President last night, Modi left for his hotel in Kovalam. This morning he took some time off his busy schedule and cleaned the shores of Mahabalipuram beach by picking up plastic waste littered on the beach and spreading the message of keeping public places clean and tidy.

Interestingly, he walked along the shores barefoot early in the morning.

Modi, during his walk, picked up litter including bottles and plastic waste from the beach, put them in a cover and handed it over to hotel staff Jayaraj.

Posting a video of his walk and collecting waste in his twitter handle, Modi said 'Plogging at a beach in Mamallapuram this morning. It lasted for over 30 minutes.'

'Refreshing walk and exercises in Mamallapuram, along the scenic coast...Let us also ensure we remain fit and healthy', he said.

'Also handed over my ‘collection’ to Jeyaraj, who is a part of the hotel staff', he said.

'Let us ensure our public places are clean and tidy!', Modi said in his tweet.

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