PM Modi tells ISRO, "Best is yet to come"

By Sreenivasa Rao Dasari  Published on  7 Sep 2019 4:17 AM GMT
PM Modi tells ISRO, Best is yet to come

Bengaluru: After setting several milestones in space research and experiments, ISRO has created another historical event by sending rover to the Moon, said Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi, while applauding the scientists for the successful Chandrayaan 2 mission. He said the best is yet to come from ISRO and India will stand by the Indian Space Research Organisation.

"Never bother about interruptions of communication from the rover. Until last few minutes, everything went right. Our orbitor is still rotating around the Moon. Viznan (knowledge) never fails. Only experiments may witness hurdles, but our effort continues forever. Entire India is behind you and supports you," said Mr Modi in his inspirational speech at ISRO on Saturday morning.

Mr Modi's speech aimed at reinstating the confidence level in scientists to gear up for future experiments.

Recalling the successful Mission Mangal, and simultaneously launching over 100 satellites by ISRO made India proud. ISRO's efforts placed India on the front line of international fraternity of scientists. The Prime Minister further added that "ISRO in the first attempt became successful in Mission Mangal. Chandrayaan 1 has confirmed water resources on the Moon."

He appreciated the hardwork and innovation put forth by every scientist at ISRO. After the Chandrayaan 2, every Indian was filled with pride and confidence, said Mr Modi.

"I wanted to interact with you again this morning to congratulate and appreciate you. I didn't spend much time last night as I could understand your feelings. I can read your disappointment on your faces. You worked very hard every second. Our continuous efforts will give more opportunities to smile," said Mr Modi.

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