Police books case under cyber crime against Facebook accounts justifying Hyderabad rape

By Amritha Mohan  Published on  2 Dec 2019 11:35 AM GMT
Police books case under cyber crime against Facebook accounts justifying Hyderabad rape

Hyderabad: Amid nationwide shock and outrage over the grisly rape and murder of the Hyderabad veterinary doctor, sickening posts have emerged on Facebook, justifying the horrific crime committed on the young woman.

Taking action against such posts and comments on social media, L B Nagar police station has booked a case under cybercrime against those accounts for abetting rape and posting derogatory comments on rape victims on social media. The Twitter handle of Rachakonda police said, "Yesterday #cybercrime #police registered a case against those abetting #rape and #derogatory comment on rape victim on social media."

Previously, several citizens had approached the police, requesting immediate action against such Facebook accounts that have also displayed her photo. The Supreme Court guidelines also prohibit the naming of a rape victim on social media. "No person can print or publish in print, electronic, social media, etc, the name of the victim or even in a remote manner disclose any facts which can lead to the victim being identified and which should make her identity known to the public at large," says the SC guidelines.

The action was following one such complaint by Mr. D Raja Shekar from Suroornagar.

‘Amar nath’, ‘Simley Nani’, and ‘Siddu Jai Ram II’ are some of the FB accounts that have put up the repulsive posts. The comments were along the lines of "It is not the fault of the person who commits the rape, it is the hormones that go out of control and not the mistake of the rapists" and "What is the mistake in raping a girl? A lot of boys have emotionally suffered in their careers due to girls, so what is wrong in raping them?”

In his complaint, D Raja Shekar wrote, "…When the whole world is feeling bad about this incident, I came across a post in facebook by Amar Nath and Jack seal sravan kushi smiley nani, which shows his sexual intention against woman. Which is completely inacceptable for the betterment of the society. As a responsible citizen of India I believe these kind of people need to be punished severely (sic)."

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