Police launch new WhatsApp number to address women’s issues

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  9 Aug 2019 10:10 AM GMT
Police launch new WhatsApp number to address women’s issues

Visakhapatnam: In efforts to protect girls and women the Visakhapatnam police have launched a WhatsApp number— 9121211100 where victims can register their complains without disclosing their identity. The initiative comes after the police observed that young women and girls are soft targets of cyber criminals.

Speaking on the occasion, DGP of Andhra Pradesh Gautam Sawang said, “Women and girls can file complaints against cyber criminals without disclosing their identity. In addition, they can also dial 100 (the police emergency service), and the other two additional toll-free helpline numbers - 112 and 181 to seek help. Victims can also get in touch with the police via the WhatsApp number—9121211100.”

The AP police administration has been sensitising women and girls about the safe use of the internet. Experts warned, not to upload original pictures on any web platform. The police have also asked women and girls to search for their pictures on Google images to know if their pictures were being misused online.

Hyderabad-based cyber intelligence firm eSF Labs founder A. Anil suggested to “turn on” Windows Defender on their computer as it “acts as a free antivirus” on any device using Windows version. He also advised not click on suspicious links that come in the message alerts and to turn off mobile data/ Wifi when not using the phone, along with covering the front camera with a sticker.

Mentioning different case studies, Mr Anil explained how fraudsters hack smartphones, e-mails and social media profiles to commit internet-enabled crimes. He said, “Hackers mostly commit these crimes for easy money. Sometimes, an ex-partner may also try to take revenge by cyber-bullying.”

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