Police officers association terms the former CM Naidu as traitor

Hyderabad: The AP State Police Officers Association (APSPOA) has termed the former Chief Minister N Chabdrababu Naidu as a traitor, as he tried to bring in division among the police personnel, on caste lines.

The APSPOA has demanded Naidu to tender an open apology to the DGP Gautham Sawang, for his alleged comments on the latter. The APSPOA has questioned Naidu as to how an officer of integrity, during his regime, suddenly became an ‘objectionable’ man to the former Chief Minister.

“You yourself praised Gautham Sawang, while he was Police Commissioner, Vijayawada city, during your regime,” the APSPOA Honorary President Sarreddy Chandrasekhar Reddy, has questioned and alleged that Naidu has utilised Police as slaves. “You don’t know how to respect and treat Police. You have a history of not providing even drinking water to the police personnel, those who were taking care of your security. You don’t have moral right to speak nonsense on our DGP’s roots. He has been serving the State for the last 34 years,” the APSPOA president said and found fault with Naidu, for levelling unnecessary allegations against the DGP.

He further alleged that Naidu has been resorting to bring in differences among the people, in the name of caste, region and religion. “You were responsible for bringing in caste division among the uniform Police department. You have been claiming that you have 40 years of experience in politics. What are the reforms you have brought in the police department?” the APSPOA honorary president questioned. He also stated that Naidu has been trying to point out the officers, by naming the regions (North East, South and North) of those officers. “Gautham Sawang has been serving AP, by treating this State as his homeland,” he observed and questioned the former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu as to whether he would be called as ‘traitor’. “Your acts brought in division on caste lines, among police personnel. Is it not a conspiracy?” the APSPOA honorary president questioned.

Patri Vasudevan

Patri Vasudevan, is a senior journalist, worked with both visual and print media. He has 22 years’ experience in journalism. He has expertise in war zone reporting. Covered LTTE stories in Sri Lanka, and Nandigram & Lalgarh are best assignments, during his stint with TV9 and Sakshi TV at New Delhi. Vasudevan also served Deccan Chronicle, and filed good number of political investigative stories. As an RTI activist, Vasudevan could able to elicit frauds in the banking sector, and wrote number of interesting stories on as to how parking funds are misused.

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