Posters of Gautam Gambhir 'Missing' seen in Delhi streets

By Anurag Mallick  Published on  17 Nov 2019 7:44 AM GMT
Posters of Gautam Gambhir Missing seen in Delhi streets

Hyderabad: Have you seen East Delhi MP and former Cricketer, Gautam Gambhir anywhere around? If so, please let the Delhiites know as posters of Gautam Gambhir missing can be seen on the streets of Delhi ever since Gautam missed the Urban Committee meeting.

It looks like the Delhiites are still not happy over Gautam's absence on Friday as posters with Gautam Gambhir 'Missing' can be seen on the streets of Delhi with a caption - "HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN? Last seen eating Jalebi and Poha with friends in Indore. Please-information needed"

It was after Gambhir was seen having 'Jalebis and Pohe' with fellow cricketer VVS Laxman as a part of the commentary team for the India-Bangladesh test series on Friday at Indore.

It was after VVS Laxman took to his Twitter and shared pictures of him having 'Jalebi and Pohe' with Gautam Gambhir and Jatin Sapru, tweeples started showing their disappointment towards Gautam as he chose to join the commentary team instead of attending the urban Committee meeting.

The meeting was organised to discuss solutions for the increasing pollution levels in Delhi post-Diwali.

As a part of their disappointment, tweeples used the "#ShameOnGautamGambhir" to express their displeasure on the latter's absence. The hashtag was trending on Twitter, with over 25 thousand tweets on Friday.

Amidst all the criticism and trolls, Gambhir took to Twitter and responded saying - "My work will speak for itself. If abusing me will result in reducing the pollution levels, Go ahead. Abuse as much as you want".

Notably, Gambhir has been on the charge in criticising the Arvind Kejriwal led AAP government and has been firing shots at them regarding the increasing air pollution and the Hazardous air quality levels that Delhi has been experiencing post-Diwali.

But this time around, Gambhir's absence at the Committee meeting has landed him in all sorts of trouble with posters of him 'missing' has made the situation even messier.

In reply to the Missing posters of Gautam Gambhir, tweeples came up with their responses. While some were supportive towards Gambhir, some were criticising, some were funny.

Here's what the tweeples had to say - " Can't understand how much money and time @AamAadmiParty have to defame. Had they spent the same type of efforts and money track reason for pollution picture would be different.

Another response read - " Haan Rs. Five hundred ke posters se hi toh theek hoga pollution. Also, people thinking as if Kejriwal line mai khade hoke print karwata hai instead of working. He's done his job. About time other elected officials start doing as well. Indore ki jalebi khaani hai toh waha se ladna tha.

Gautam Gambhir 'Missing'

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