Potholes to moon; RJ Malishka’s latest take on the issue

By Abhishek Pandey  Published on  19 Sep 2019 5:04 PM GMT
Potholes to moon; RJ Malishka’s latest take on the issue

Mumbai: Mumbai’s celebrity Radio Jockey Malishka has once again made the news with her latest content. Famous for her hilarious videos, the RJ has come up with yet another project on Mumbai’s potholes. Malishka’s ‘Dekho Chaand Aaya’ has become a viral sensation, entertaining everyone on social media.

Malishka can be seen taking a dig on Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) for the pathetic condition of Mumbai’s road. She has related Mumbai streets to the moon (Chaand) in her latest video.

This is not the first time that Malishka has raised the potholes issue through her works. Earlier, she posted videos narrating the situation to the BMC. Her latest videos’ Mumbai Tula BMC Var Bharosa Nai Kay’ and ‘Geli Mumbai Khadyat’ had become internet sensations embarrassing BMC officials. The video was followed by several protests from Shiv Sena cadres as the latter has a hold on BMC.

The RJ, in her way, questions the BMC on the potholes issue. This problem plagues many Mumbaikars and concerns are often repeated with no proper solution provided by authorities. Every year, potholes claim several lives, and the issue gets more serious each passing year, but the BMC has not yet reacted.

BMC is one of the wealthiest municipal corporations in the world with the highest budget and safe deposits. As Malishka’s past videos on potholes also sparked a massive protest against her, it will be interesting to see BMC officials’ reactions over this one.

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