Prasanth Nagar residents oppose footpath being constructed by SCR in colony

By Sumit Jha  Published on  8 Aug 2020 7:36 AM GMT
Prasanth Nagar residents oppose footpath being constructed by SCR in colony

Hyderabad: The residents of Prasanth Nagar, Moula Ali, Malkajgiri, appealed to the South Central Railway officials to stop construction of footpath beside the Railway Shopping Complex, around the RTC bus stop and in front of Frobles Garden School, as it would cut the link to the main road leading to their colony. They made a representation on their grievance to the divisional engineer.

They are demanding that space be left between the pavement and the road connecting to Prasanth Nagar.

“We have been living here for more than 30 years. It is true that footpath is being constructed on the railway land, but it is disconnecting the main road to our area. There are eight colonies and more than 50,000 residents in this area who use the road,” said Durga Prasad Goud, president, Prasanth Nagar Welfare Association.

The residents of these areas are opposing the footpath as it would prove problematic to public transport.

“RTC buses - 3P, 14P and 16P, ply in our areas and shift commuters to the Secunderabad railway station. If the footpath is constructed, these buses cannot reach our colonies,” said P. Malla Reddy, general Secretary, Prashanth Nagar Welfare Association.

The residents also said that the footpath would cause the problem to students attending schools, junior & degree colleges in their area.

“Not only the students of our colonies going to these schools and colleges but even those from other areas coming to the institutions will face trouble. More than 1,000 students come to these schools from other colonies,” said P. Mallikarjuna, vice president, Prasanth Nagar Welfare Association.

Being close to Osmania University colleges, many students live in these areas and many of them travel in RTC buses, he added.

While the Railway officials are saying the construction of the footpath will not cause any problem to the people in the area. "There are different roads which connect the area, RTC bus stop is not that far and the school have many gates. It's the railway land which is encroached by hawkers and people park their vehicle hear. We are utilising the land for a better purpose," Said, a Railway official

The Railways began constructing the footpath for the convenience of the residents of Railway Colony, Moula Ali.

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