Pregnant women from Dhoolpet dies of COVID-19, body held-up for 25 hrs

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  4 Jun 2020 3:14 PM GMT
Pregnant women from Dhoolpet dies of COVID-19, body held-up for 25 hrs

Hyderabad: A pregnant woman from Hyderabad's Dhoolpet area lost her battle to COVID-19 four days after she was admitted to the Gandhi Hospital. She had to do the rounds of three hospitals before she was admitted to Gandhi on May 31st. But what added more misery to the grieving family was her body was held up for more than 22 hours at the mortuary after the Purnapul graveyard authorities resisted to cremate her.

The 33-year-old young mother, who was seven months into her second pregnancy, tested positive for COVID-19 on after complaining of breathlessness. Speaking to NewsMeter, the victim's mother, who has been tested for COVID-19, said, “My husband died of a heart attack 15 days ago. As a ritual, the family had gathered at our residence in Dhoolpet to observe the 10th day of his death. On Sunday, my daughter complained of breathlessness. We assumed it was due to her pregnancy and did not see it as a threat. She was first taken to a private hospital in Dhoolpet and later to Osmania General Hospital. On the doctor’s recommendation, she was shifted to Fernandez Hospital and finally referred to Gandhi Hospital where she tested positive for COVID-19.”

She further said, “My daughter and her husband had been separated for seven years and they reunited only three years ago. It was her second pregnancy and the couple has a nine-year-old son. I lost my husband and my daughter in a span of 20 days, I am devastated.”

According to the medical bulletin issued by Gandhi Hospital, the woman was suffering from severe oligohydramnios. “The ultrasound scan revealed a threat to the baby as the mother was suffering from severe oligohydramnios. We explained the critical condition and poor prognosis of the mother and the baby to her husband and her sister. The patient was intubated and kept on a ventilator with the consent of her family members. Despite all attempts to save her, the woman died on 3 June at around 9 p.m." said an official statement from Gandhi Hospital.

Since then the victim's family has been quarantined and tested for COVID-19. Seven people have been taken to the quarantine center at Begumpet while the victim's sister-in-law has been moved to Gandhi Hospital as her condition took bad on June 4th.

Meanwhile, the woman's body was handed over to her husband on 4 June evening. “The graveyard authorities at Puranapul are resisting to cremate her. Despite several requests, no permission has been granted untill 7 PM on Thursday. The authorities at the graveyard insisting that the family conduct the cremation but how is that possible? The family will need PPEs and other equipment.," said the BJP Goshamahal MLA, Raja Singh.

The family informed that, at around 10 PM on Thursday, the body was released from Gandhi Hospital and she was cremated at Puranapul.

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