Hyderabad: Malkajgiri Police,  arrested 19-year-old Nandula Sidhartha Sharma for allegedly stealing 31 cycles, on Thursday. According to police, Moula Ali-resident Sidhartha works as a priest in nearby temples. However, police found out that he would often fight with his mother for money to live a lavish life. Thus, he started stealing bi-cycles to achieve it.

The accused stole gear cycles parked in houses and apartments costing Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000. He sold the stolen cycles to local people for Rs 1,000 to Rs 15,000, saying that he received it as a gift for doing poojas.

 Malkajgiri police arrests 19-year-old and seize cycles worth Rs 350,000

He has reportedly stolen 31 cycles worth Rs 350,000, but the police have received complaints only for 16 of them. However, they did seize all cycles as part of the protocol. The officials charged the accused under Section 379 (Punishment for theft) and 380(Theft in dwelling house) of the IPC. The police have requested the public to inform about the loss of cycles, as 15 recovered cycles remain unclaimed.

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