Pujari arrested for sexually harassing a teenager in Hyderabad

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  2 Nov 2019 5:17 AM GMT
Pujari arrested for sexually harassing a teenager in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: The police arrested a 26-year-old,who had been sexually harassing a class 9 student under the pretext of love, at Malkajgiri of Hyderabad. The accused, Thangirala Soma Shekar Sarma, even abused the girl’s parents, when they went to question him. Police registered a case of sexual harassment and charges of SC & ST atrocities prevention act against him.

According to police, He is a resident of Malkajgiri and performs pujas at nearby temples and also at homes on request. For the past few weeks, he had been harassing the victim. When the girl’s parents inquired her, she told them that ‘one uncle was talking’ and troubling her.

After finding out his details, the girl’s father went to the accused’s house to question him. Shekar Sharma grew furious and abused him. The Pujari said that being from a high caste, he could play with people from the lower castes. Further, he also insulted the girl’s father and the girl by taunting them for belonging to a lower caste.

Upset with his behaviour, the girl’s father lodged a complaint with the Malkajgiri police. A case was registered, and he was arrested and sent to remand.

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