Quarrel over affair with woman led to tech firm owner's murder

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  5 Sep 2019 3:24 PM GMT
Quarrel over affair with woman led to tech firm owners murder

Hyderabad: An argument with his childhood friend turned business partner over an affair with a woman employee led to the murder of tech firm owner Satish Babu Myla at KPHB a week ago. The accused Hemanth Mathe killed Satish and tried to dispose off the body, but could not succeed, after which he fled on Satish's bike. Even with Satish's body in his flat for more than 36 hours, Hemanth acted innocent and even accompanied Satish's wife and other friends in searching for Satish. Hemanth was arrested on Thursday, and the bike, an electric cutter used for cutting Saitsh's limbs and other material were seized from him.

Investigation so far revealed that the woman employee was not aware of the murder and all the evidence indicated that Hemanth was solely responsible for the murder.

Satish Babu owns coaching centres and also two IT firms and Hemanth joined him as a partner and even invested Rs 3 lakh. He was also appointed as an Administrator for a salary of Rs 20,000 per month. Gradually, he developed a relationship with a woman employee, who before joining the firm, was trained in Satish's institutes. When Satish came to know of this affair, he warned Hemanth to stay away from her, as he is married and the affair would damage the firm's name. As there was no change, Satish also reduced Hemanth's salary. As a result, Hemanth developed a grudge against Satish and was waiting for an opportunity to take revenge.

On Aug 28, when they met at Hemanth's and after consuming alcohol, entered into an argument over the affair with the woman. An angry Hemanth attacked him with a hammer and then smothered. After making sure Satish was dead, Hemanth hired a self-driven car from a rental agency at Madhapur dispose of the body at an isolated location. But, he could not go ahead with his plan. On Aug 29, he purchased an electric cutter to cut the body and dispose of easily, but could not do that as well.

After Satish's wife lodged a missing complaint, fearing that he will be caught, he fled on Satish's bike.

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