Rapist-killers forced alcohol down the Vet's throat: Police sources

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  30 Nov 2019 6:14 AM GMT
Rapist-killers forced alcohol down the Vets throat: Police sources

Hyderabad: Disha (name changed) was forced to drink alcohol, which rendered her semiconscious, before being gang-raped and killed, said the police sharing the details of the unspeakable brutalities the young vet was subjected to.

Despite feeling drowsy, the 26-year-old resisted when her attackers tried to force themselves on her. One of the four men hit a blunt object on her head, leaving a deep injury in the occipital, the back and lower part of the skull.

Police sources told Newsmeter that after deciding to trap the veterinary doctor, the suspects first bought a full bottle and a half bottle of Imperial Blue whisky along with 1 litre of Thums Up and some snacks.

They drank till the vet returned to her scooter, but left some quantity as part of their sinister plan.

They cooked up the story of getting the puncture fixed and then dragged the doctor to an open plot on the roadside. They mixed the whisky and cola and forced her to drink, knowing that it would make her partially incapacitated.

However, when the doctor continued to put up a brave fight, a suspect, now identified as Areef, struck her on the head, leaving her unconscious. The four men took turns to sexually assault the motionless victim. Later, they smothered and set afire her body, said the sources.

The police had earlier seized an empty alcohol bottle from the open plot on Thursday, which indicated the killers had consumed booze.

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