In a shocking incident, a couple had sold off their two-month-old infant, for want of money, as they had no work due to the lockdown at Jeedimetla in Hyderabad. The child was sold for Rs 22,000 on Saturday and the incident came to light on Sunday after neighbours noticed the child missing from the parents and alerted the police.

Jeedimetla police registered a case against the child's parents and also the woman who purchased the child and started investigation. The child was also rescued and handed over to Child Welfare Committee.

Inquiries revealed that Madan Singh and Saritha, living at Devendra Nagar, has a seven-year-old son. Two months ago, Saritha delivered their second son.

Meanwhile, the couple, who were working as daily labourers, lost their income due to the lockdown following which they could not meet their expenses. In addition, Madan was addicted to alcohol, due to which the little savings they had also were spent off.

With no option, Madan Singh started looking for easy money and he came to know of a woman Seshu, from the neighborhood, who was looking for a child. Immediately a deal was settled between the couple and Seshu for Rs 22,000.

Seshu gave the money and took the child. Further investigation is underway, the police said.

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