Hyderabad: The family of Amrutha, wife of Perumalla Pranay who was brutally murdered allegedly by her father’s men in Nalgonda district, has hit out at filmmaker Ramgopal Varma for sensationalizing her 'tragedy' by concocting a story.

The family was responding to the first look poster of the movie 'Murder’ which is learnt to be based on her life story.

Speaking to Newsmeter, Amrutha's father-in-law Balaswamy, "The film maker did not consult Amrutha or my family, before releasing the first look of his movie. I am unaware what is he going to portray. We are still in the misery of losing our son and our fight for justice for Amrutha continues. I am not sure why he even chose to make a film".

Meanwhile, reacting to the social media comments on the matter, the film maker tweeted, "Whether Amrutha wrote it or some jobless over enthusiast wrote it , I felt obligated to respond to it to clarify the concerns in the minds of whoever is needlessly concerned about what I will show in MURDER. Firstly I clearly mentioned in the poster that MURDER is based on a true story and I did not claim it to be the true story ..The news upon which my film is based upon is in the public domain for years and has been acknowledged by the various people involved. The real photos I used to illustrate my point of MURDER are widely available on the internet and have not been given to me in person or in secret for me to breach someone’s trust. The real story on which MURDER is based upon might be out there in multiple perspectives but my own perspective of it can only be seen only after the film releases and hence its immature to presume its content"

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