• Demand bribes for official favours
  • ACB receives 75 cases from government officials

Hyderabad: In a revelation of sorts, and one that has far-reaching consequences, a majority of those tipping-off Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) against bribe-seeking babus, are serving State Government officials.

Authenticated data reveals that in the last one decade, over 58 serving officials and 17 retired ones, emerged as whistle-blowers and exposed the corrupt officials. Overall, the anti-crime investigating agencies have received 75 such complaints.

Collated information revealed some interesting facts-bribes were demanded from for favours, ranging from ‘not to harass’, ‘’no suspension’ and ‘to close a petition’, to ‘not to inform ACB’. Kickbacks are primarily demanded for processing and passing bills, handing over of mutation documents, service matters, land-related issues, among several other administrative matters.  The complainants are either rivals or victims of corrupt officials.

Recently, a complainant Krishna Reddy working in the Education department, was asked to shell down Rs 10,000 to avoid being suspended. In 2015, G. Vijay Kumar, a sanitary field officer working in the Municipal Administration and Urban Development, bribed his senior Rs 7,500 to be free from harassment while on duty.

A more bizarre demand for bribe is ‘not to inform the ACB’. Serving sub-registrar Rajendra Kumar paid Rs 1.5 lakh by seniors, who said they would use their clout and ensure that there would no ACB case against Rajendra and protection till his retirement.   

In terms of complaints lodged in these 75 cases between 2009 and 2019, the most pertained to officials from the Education Department, followed by Health Medical & Family Welfare, Revenue and Home (law & order) departments.

The bribe demanded by Education officials are primarily for processing pension applications, for reimbursement of medical bills, for revoking suspensions and for processing file for reduction of property taxes.

Some of the miscellaneous reasons for bribe include, for returning certificates and passing in examinations.

The kickbacks demanded from government officials by government officials ranges from Rs 2,000 to Rs two lakh

Coreena Suares

Coreena Enet Suares is the Editor of NewsMeter. Having over 10 years of experience , her stories have been published in the Deccan Chronicle Newspaper and the Asian Age. Coreena began her career as a News Anchor. Through out her journey, she has been able to build a strong network with people from all walks of life . She is also a certified fact-checker by Google India Initiative. She has recently attended the 'Defence Correspondence Course 2019, through which she visited Indo- Pak border, besides traveling on a War-ship and an insight into operations of Fighter aircraft. Coreena's focus areas are anti-crime investigation agencies and Defense reporting.

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