Hyderabad: In a new information bulletin released by the Andhra Pradesh government in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, the route maps of all the five corona-positive patients in the state have been released.

As of March 22, Andhra Pradesh has had five COVID-19 positive cases reported, all five from districts such as Krishna, East Godavari, Prakasam, Visakhapatnam and Nellore.

Patient 1: The 27-year-old man had arrived from Italy on March 6, and landed in Chennai international airport. He travelled to Nellore on the same day. He was admitted at GGH Nellore hospital on March 8, following which samples were collected on March 9. He was subsequently tested positive and is currently under isolation.

patient 1 andhra pradesh route map coronavirus

Patient 2: The 24-year-old male patient arrived on March 11 from UK to Delhi international airport. He travelled to Hyderabad on same day. He travelled to Ongole and reached on March 15. He was admitted at GGH Ongole hospital on March 17, and was tested positive. The man is from Prakasam district.

patient 2 coronavirus andhra pradesh route map

Patient 3: The 65-year-old male patient arrived on March 10 from Saudi Arabia to Hyderabad international airport. He travelled to Visakhapatnam and reached on March 12. He was admitted at Govt Chest Hospital Visakhapatnam on March 17 and was tested positive.

patient 3 andhra pradesh coronavirus route map


Patient 4: The 22-year-old male from East Godavari district, travelled from London and reached Hyderabad on March 18. He left for Rajahmundry on the same day and was tested positive on March 21. This patient has travelled with another person who has been tested positive and as admitted in Gandhi Hospital.

patient 4 coronavirus route map andhra pradesh newsmeter

Patient 5: The 24-year-old, who is from Krishna district, travelled from Paris to Delhi on March 15. He reached Vijayawada from Hyderabad on March 17. He was admitted on March 20 and tested positive on March 21.

patient 5 andhra pradesh route map newsmeter


As of March 22, more than 10,000 people in the state have been kept under home isolation, and 60 people have been admitted in the hospitals.

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