Hyderabad: Telangana Chief Minister  K ChandraShekar Rao, on April 6th, announced incentive  “CM gift” to health staff and  sanitary workers. As a good gesture and a small way of thanking the relentless efforts put in, CM announced  10 per cent of gross salary as incentive besides full salary .

Sanitary workers serving  in Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation , Hyderabad Metro-politian Water and Sewerage Board to get Rs 7,500 incentive.  While . The civic staff  in municipalities to get Rs 5,000, this is  besides full salary.

Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao showered sops on staff belonging to health and municipal departments for working tirelessly to contain the spread of coronavirus. KCR also exempted sanitary workers from 10 per cent salary cut and  directed officials to repay 10 per cent salary that was deducted to sanitary workers immediately.

With this  21,531 sanitary staff working in municipalities , 2,510 workers in HMWSSB and 27,690 sanitary workers in GHMC to benefit.  ‘Around 43,661 sanitary workers in gram panchayats were already paid
full salaries and no salary cuts were imposed on them, the CM said while he also praised the  police department and  exempted them  from salary cut.

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One comment on "‘Salute you for relentless efforts’, KCR gifts incentive to civic staff"

  • I heard your forceful voice. Good talk but there are certain issues that your government must focus on:

    You proposed 10% bonus a good gesture, but those people are burning garbage on roads, in parks, in nallahs, low-lying areas, etc. This is creating more health hazards to living in the houses — though they were asked to stay in homes;

    The fumigation — not done with true spirit.When media or official are there they fumigate the area neatly but when they go by themselves in a truck they are fumigating in 10% of the areas and leaving 90% of the areas;

    When you asked people stay at home but how they can live without getting food items and other eseential. When we send our driver, the police without looking at the issue, simply thrash them or fine them. Is it the right way to do the job. When we needed night watchmen, the police is taking away their vehicles;

    These are some simple issues that government must look in to.

    When people are crossing the border, nothing happened but on the contrary governments are giving incentives to such people.

    Officials and politicians go in groups but no problem; vegetable venders on the road were allowed but not spread around to cover all the zones. Somebody brings in truck and share that to few vendors sitting in line and not dispersed.

    Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

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