#SaveLandSaveVizag: Citizens speak up against illegal land encroachment by Andhra govt

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  19 July 2020 4:49 PM GMT
#SaveLandSaveVizag: Citizens speak up against illegal land encroachment by Andhra govt

Vishakhapatnam: The city's RK Beach road, on Sunday, July 19th, harboured the voices of citizens demanding justice against illegal land encroachment.

Members of the student organisation, City Speaks, brought their #SaveLandSaveVizag movement to the roads as several members executed a 'Sign for the cause' campaign at the venue. Demanding justice for those who have had their lands illegally encroached, and those who have been affected by Section 22A, members of the organisation ran the campaign, wearing t-shirts that read 'Stand up for your city.'

Founded by Srilekha, the organisation also demanded for all government land that has been given to private stakeholders, to be returned.

Several citizens stopped by and signed the campaign board, showing their support for the cause.

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A representative of the organisation, Rohit, said,"Once we began talking to people, we realised that several victims aren't even aware of their rights."

The organisation said that they will soon be conducting candle light marches after the overwhelming response their 'Sign for a cause' campaign received.

"Our two demands include delivering justice to victims of section 22A who had to give away land bought with hard-earned money, and that lands provided to private stakeholders be returned to the government at the earliest," he added. Rohit further said that once their team garners enough support, they will be submitting a representation to concerned authorities to ensure action.

The protest comes at a juncture when the ruling YSRCP and the opposition parties are at loggerheads over the capital city bill. The Andhra Pradesh government has reintroduced the bill after the legislative council stalled it by sending to a standing committee. It has also been given to the governor for assent.

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