Shah’s Hindi remarks have DMK, AIDMK protest

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  14 Sep 2019 9:02 AM GMT
Shah’s Hindi remarks have DMK, AIDMK protest

Chennai: On Hindi Diwas, as Union home minister and senior BJP leader Amit Shah pitched for Hindi as ‘one language’ it let loose severe opposition in Tamil Nadu.

In a tweet Shah appealed for Hindi to be made the primary language, saying that it is necessary to have one to represent India. India is a country of different languages and every language has its own importance but it is very important to have a language which should become the identity of India in the world. If one language can unite the country today, it is the widely-spoken Hindi language.

However, his one nation, one language statement has won brickbats than bouquets.

In a sharp criticism, DMK president M.K. Stalin, said, “It is a blatant attempt by Amit Shah to impose Hindi in Tamil Nadu. The Centre has been trying various means to make Tamil Nadu, a Hindi state. The BJP government's attempts will not succeed.”

Even BJP's ally in Tamil Nadu, the AIADMK doesn't seem to be in solidarity with Amit Shah's statement.

Party spokesperson Vaigai Selva taking a jibe at Amit Shah tweeted, “Making Hindi national language is like making crow national bird as it is seen more than a peacock.”

Leaders of various political parties have taken to social media to criticise Amit Shah's observation on Hindi.

Meanwhile, a senior BJP leader said, We are reading too much into Amit Shah's statement. He appealed to all the citizens of the country that we should increase the use of our mother tongue and also use the Hindi language as one language to realise the dreams of Bapu and Sardar Patel. He never said that Tamil would be sidelined and Hindi would be promoted.

At a time when political parties especially the DMK and others are fighting against the people from the north taking up government jobs in Tamil Nadu, this has added fuel to the fire.

A political observer says, “Anti- Hindi has been an issue to draw votes here. Dravidian parties used it well. They benefited from it. Remember the anti-Hindi agitation where many lives were taken away. I feel Amit Shah's words will have a negative impact here'.

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