Shivsena may go solo in the upcoming polls if seat sharing issue doesn't resolve with BJP.

By Abhishek Pandey  Published on  16 Sep 2019 6:33 PM GMT
Shivsena may go solo in the upcoming polls if seat sharing issue doesnt resolve with BJP.

Mumbai: It seems like nothing is all well between the saffron partners Bhartiya Janta Party and Shiv sena ahead of the assembly polls of Maharashtra. Cracks have started emerging between both the allies over seat sharing.

According to sources, Shiv Sena supremo Uddhav Thackeray have asked the party leaders and cadres to gear up for the upcoming assembly polls if alliance does not happen with the BJP. In a meeting with top party leaders which was held on Sunday at his Bandra residence Matoshree, he discussed over the seat sharing issue with the top party leaders, which was the main agenda.

As the BJP has offered 106 seats to Shiv Sena and it does not want to go with the 50-50 formula, Shiv Sena has drawn it's plan B. Although, Shiv Sena Supremo Uddhav Thackeray was seen positive with the alliance but he also told the party leaders to get ready to fight on all the 288 seats alone if alliance does not happen.

Earlier reports suggested that Shiv Sena demanded 144 seats but BJP was adamant on its demand which forced the Tiger to scale down to 120 seats. However, BJP is in no mood to accept such a proposal of Shiv Sena and thus the tension between both the ally partners have escalated.

Speculation are making rounds that the BJP wants to field their candidates atleast on 160 seats and wants Shiv Sena to compromise.

The saffron parties came into alliance earlier this year in February before the 2019 Lok Sabh election in the presence of BJP President Amit Shah, Shiv Sena Chief Uddhav Thackeray and CM Devendra Fadnavis. Shiv Sena sealed the deal on the condition that both the parties will share the 50-50 formula in the assembly election of Maharashtra. Shiv Sena had also demanded 2.5 years of Chief ministership.

As the political flames intensifies, it will be interesting to see whether the saffron parties come together for the alliance or fight against each other in the upcoming assembly elections of Maharashtra.

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