Siddipet man returns Rs 5000 cash found at ATM, gets pat from police

By Ashish Bhosale  Published on  27 July 2020 12:36 PM GMT
Siddipet man returns Rs 5000 cash found at ATM, gets pat from police

Siddipet: On entering into an ATM kiosk for transaction on Sunday, Rajashekar found money at the cash dispensing area of the ATM Chest amounting to Rs.5000. Thinking that it was someone’s hard-earned money and that it should be returned to the right owner, he immediately dialed 100 to inform the police.

On enquiry, the police officials found that the money belonged to Imtiyaz who visited the ATM and tried to withdraw money but the cash did not get dispensed even after waiting for a while. He got a message saying his money got debited but thinking that the amount would be re-deposited, he left the ATM unaware that his money got dispensed.

"I had just entered the ATM and saw Rs 5000 dispensed from the ATM. Immediately, I thought it should be handed over to the right person who had earned it. Without a second thought, I dialed 100 and told the police regarding the money. When the police arrived, I handed over the money to them," said Rajashekar, a good samaritan .

"We received a call at the police station at 11 am saying somebody's money was left in the ATM and the complainant wanted to return the currency. I immediately sent the blue colts to the spot," informed Saidulu, Circle Inspector, Siddipet.

"I am a very lucky person that I got back my money which I thought was lost. When I tried to withdraw the money, the amount got deducted from my bank account but the cash did not come out from the ATM. I thought the money deducted would be refunded and went home. After reaching home, I was impatient and wanted to check my mini statement, so I rushed back to the ATM. Reaching there I found that the cash was dispensed from the ATM a bit late and it was collected by Rajashekar. He called the police and returned the cash. I am thankful to Allah that I got my money back. May Allah bless him. Who would return money found these days?,” said Imtiyaz.

The police appreciated Rajashekar’s honesty for handing over the money to the right person.

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