Hyderabad: Siddipet district of Telangana, witnessed high drama on 26th October, following the searches held against BJP senior leader and candidate in fray for Dubbaka by-polls, M Raghunandhan Rao' relatives residence. The regional police accompanied by the mandal revenue officer found cash of Rs 18.67 lakh in the house of the politician's relative located in the district. However, In contrary the BJP workers alleged that police planted money with an intention to defame the leader ahead of the elections.

#Telangana: Tense scenes from Siddipet district of Telangana as BJP workers alleged that Police tried to plant money at the residence of BJP candidate for Dubbaka M Raghunandan Rao's relatives house. Searches were held at two locations in Siddipet on 26th October. pic.twitter.com/v7XBy03CvB

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At around 2 PM on Monday, men in plain clothes began searches in lecturers’ colony in Siddipet town. Around the same time BJP candidate Raghunandan Rao was campaigning in Dubbaka. However on knowing of the searches, he stopped his rally abruptly and rushed to Siddipet town. As the searches continued, Raghunandan Rao alleged that the men in plain clothes did not show warrant or any orders from the magistrate or the election commission authorities in the district.

Meanwhile, videos of cops holding parcels, alleged to be bundles of cash, went viral. BJP activists alleged that the police personnel with an intention to defame the leader tried to plant money in the houses of Raghunandan Rao's relative. Meanwhile, a few party workers tried to confront the police personnel conducting the searches, leading to a commotion. Videos showed workers snatching money from the cops and displaying it to the public outside.

As the situation turned worse, former MPs G Vivek, Jitender Reddy arrived in Siddipet in support of Raghunandan Rao. Even as they were waiting outside, police lathi charged them, alleged the party workers. Raghunandan Rao also alleged that without revealing any identity, a number of men barged into the houses, behaving rudely with women and elderly in the houses. “ They snatched mobile phones, threatened them and behaved rudely with them.” he alleged.

Towards the evening, BJP state President and Karimnagar MP Bandi Sanjay Kumar attempted to visit Siddipet. Amidst protests and cadres raising slogans against the police and the state Government, Sanjay tried to make his way into to meet his colleague. But he was intercepted on the outskirts and detained.

Senior BJP leaders on their way to #Siddipet have been detained. Union Minister @kishanreddybjp leaves for Siddipet. BJP workers alleged that Police tried to plant money in the house of M Raghunandan Rao's relative. However cops refute allegations. More details awaited. pic.twitter.com/F49UoJKplk

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BJP state president Bandi Sanjay was later shifted to Siddipet I town police station. Sanjay alleged that the police commissioner misbehaved with him and forced him into the vehicle. Later while addressing the press in Karimnagar, Sanjay demanded that the police commissioner should be suspended immediately. “ Without having respect for an elected MP, he assaulted me and misbehaved with me. I will take up the issue with the Loksabha speaker, Prime Minister and the President also,” Sanjay stated.

Meanwhile, Commissioner Joel Davis stated that based on intelligence inputs on cash stored in Siddipet town, team conducted searches and found Rs 18.67 lakh in Raghunandan Rao’s father in law’s house. While the officials were shifting the cash, a group of around 20 persons charged on the officials and snatched money . “ Entire searches were videographed and Rs 5.87 lakh cash has been stolen from the officials. All the persons would be identified and arrested soon,” he said.

#Telangana Cops overseeing the sequence of events at Siddipet explain about the searches held against BJP leader M Raghunandan Rao's relatives. ( Part 1) pic.twitter.com/VAKvhPyK5s

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Minister of State for Home Affairs, G Kishen Reddy visited Siddipet on the same evening and condemned the attack on the BJP candidate."The way MP Bandi Sanjay was has been treated shows the frustration of the ruling dispensation. I have been in public life since 1980 and have organised & contested many elections. Never have I seen any ruling party abuse state machinery like I see today.The brutal force used to barge into the house and the way our candidate’s wife and family was treated is unbecoming and highly commendable" he said.

Union Minister @kishanreddybjp visits Siddipet to meet @RaghunandanraoM following the searches. pic.twitter.com/9c5OJKCTfm

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Meanwhile, a statement issued by V Vijay Sagar, Tahsildar and executive magistrate on searches against BJP Senior leader's relatives house. Cops said Rs 12.80 lakhs were robbed during searches. Here is the full statement.

#DubbakaBypolls - Statement of V Vijay Sagar, Tahsildar and executive magistrate on searches against BJP Senior leader @RaghunandanraoM's relatives house.

While BJP workers alleged that T police planted money, cops says Rs 12.80 lakhs were robbed during searches. pic.twitter.com/Njq4EW5gmD

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It is note Dubbaka by-elections is scheduled to be held on the 3rd of November and seven days later the results will be announced.

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