Actor Sivabalaji warns Tamil comic Alexander Babu for mocking SPB and Balakrishna

By Priyanka Kanoj  Published on  8 Nov 2019 12:14 PM GMT
Actor Sivabalaji warns Tamil comic Alexander Babu for mocking SPB and Balakrishna

Hyderabad: Popular actor Sivabalaji Manoharan had grabbed the Bigg Boss Telugu title for the first season, which was hosted by Jr NTR. Shiva is well known for his physical charm and acting skills. Apart from that, Actor Sivabalaji has always raised his voice against online abuse and social media trolls.

A Tamil stand-up comedy show has triggered a social media outrage among Telugu movie lovers. Getting into details, a Chennai-based stand-up comedian, in a recent show, made some comments that hurt the feelings of Telugu audiences.

Alexander ‘Alex’ Babu, who is famous for his musical stand-up comedy shows, had recently used legendary singer SP Balasubramaniam and Telugu actor Nandamuri Balakrishna for one of his act. Referring to an old Telugu song, Alex began to mock both the singer and the actor over their apparent over-enthusiasm regarding a particular Telugu song.

The comic notes that SPB’s ‘Enno rathrulosthayi kaani’ was not good enough, primarily because of his way of singing. Alex also added that Balayya was performing rather provocatively in the song such that the comic called him “adult Balakrishna”. He commented that the lady in the song was “running away” after being “shocked” by Balakrishna’s performance. Alex adds, “We (Tamils) are very lucky and blessed. It’s because of God’s grace and blessing that Yesudas had sung it in Tamil.”

Alex’s comments have triggered outrage among Telugu movie lovers, and they took to Twitter to slam the comic. Sivabalaji, who was offended by the comments, released a note, subtly warning the stand-up comedian not to turn entertainment into sarcasm and involve legendary people in comedy.

“I understand your profession and respect it. At the same time, I want you to understand and respect our profession as actors and all other professions you mock. You make a living by mocking legendary people. I agree it is your profession. However, learn not to go beyond the limits of your sarcasm. You have no right to hurt or disrespect anyone in the name of entertainment. Hope you realise and apologise,” Sivabalaji’s note read.

While the Bigg Boss winner is being appreciated for his stand, there is no response from the stand-up comedian yet.

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