Six doctors refuse to work in Kamareddy fearing coronavirus spread

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  5 April 2020 11:41 AM GMT
Six doctors refuse to work in Kamareddy fearing coronavirus spread

Hyderabad: Even as doctors from all over the world have put their lives at stake in order to save the people infected from Coronavirus, six doctors in Kamareddy have refused to work in the hospital fearing that they will be infected with coronavirus. The doctors said that they will not be working in OP and isolation wards. The doctors further went on to submit their resignation refusing to work.

They submitted their resignation letters to the superintendent of the hospital citing that they are not willing to work, since their family members are also objecting to the same.

The six doctors practice in the ICU department and are pulmonologists. All the six of them were working in the hospital on a contract basis. With the lockdown implemented all over the nation, including Telangana, all the private hospitals have been shut down. With this, the total number of patients in the OP ward of government hospitals has increased with over 300 patients a day.

Besides this, the 24-hour job in the corona isolation ward is creating pressure, say the doctors. The doctors also said that the corona suspects are also coming to the OP, which is in turn creating confusion. This is also causing fear with which they are not able to do their duties, say the doctors.

Reacting to the same, the district collector, DMHO, DCHS also spoke to the doctors who had submitted their resignation. "The Superintendent of the hospital said, "The six doctors have resigned and we are in touch with them."

On the other side, the DMHO Dr Chandrasekhar & DCHS Dr Ajay Kumar said that if the doctors resign or take leaves at this crucial time of dealing with the coronavirus, legal action will be taken against them. The six doctors that submitted their resignation from the Kamareddy government hospital also had a meeting with the DMHO on Saturday evening. The doctors were asked to join back at work. If the doctors don't resume their duties, legal action will be taken against them on the orders of the Collector and according to the rules of the government, the government officials said.

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