Six T cops test COVID +Ve, 50 quarantined; police launch survey to identify infected

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  2 May 2020 4:15 AM GMT
Six T cops test COVID +Ve, 50 quarantined; police launch survey to identify infected

Hyderabad : Telangana police have launched an extensive health survey after six personnel were tested positive for COVID-19 and 50 others placed under home quarantine.

The online survey will be carried out across the board. From Director General of Police to the lowest-ranking official, everyone has to fill a questionnaire. All wings of the police including Anti Corruption Bureau, Intelligence, Greyhounds, Railway police, State Special Police, Home Guards, Administrative, Clerical and Ministerial staff will be covered under the survey.

While the state police have a strength of around 55,000, staff in supporting wings make up an additional 25 percent. This is the first of its kind survey within the department since the formation of the state.

Titled 'Telangana State Police Department - Health Survey’, it not only checks the present health condition of a person but also tries to find out whether he or she has come in contact with any COVID-19 patients or going through any psychological issues. The online survey is aimed to get an overview of the health of police personnel during persistent duties.

According to senior officials, the survey is to ensure that all police personnel are in good health. The online questionnaire was shared with the staff over WhatsApp groups a couple of days ago.

The survey includes personal information of the staff and questions on health aspects, which are to be answered in a yes or no.

Questions on current health status including any type of fever, cough, cold, running nose, itching in the nose, sore throat, pain in the throat, breathing issues, tiredness, body pains, headache are also included in the survey form

Further, once the questionnaire is completed, it will be analyzed by a team of healthcare experts. Based on the condition of the individual, a tele-consultation would be arranged and if need be further medical consultation can be advised.

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