Hyderabad police unravels ten year old murder mystery

By Anusha Puppala  Published on  14 Aug 2019 5:22 PM GMT
Hyderabad police unravels ten year old murder mystery

No criminal can go scot free once he commits a crime irrespective of the time period: Hyderabad police

A South Zone task force team of Hyderabad police unravelled a ten-year-old murder mystery on Wednesday with the assistance of RGIA Shamshabad Police Cyberabad Commissionerate.

Hyderabad police officials also arrested two accused people behind the 10-year-old undetected murder case. 25-year-old SK Basha who hailed from Kadapa district ran away from his house in Kadapa and moved to Hyderabad when he was 10-year-old.

Even though he sold tea initially by moving to the streets in Parsigutta locality, the deceased later developed a bad circle started committing several house burglaries under the P'S limits of Chilakalaguda, Chikkadpally of Hyderabad; Narsingi, Balanagar, Rajendranagar of Cyberabad and Saroornagar, Uppal of Rachakonda Commissionerate to cope up with his daily expenses.

He met Palnati Seenu from Parsigutta during this period and through him he came in contact with Allam Suresh and Waseem Palnati Seenu started assisting the deceased Basha in disposing of the stolen property and also in getting him out on bail whenever he was arrested.

This became a routine for them as Palnati Seenu, was disposing of the stolen property whenever deceased Basha committed offenses. But, with time differences arose between the two over the sharing of stolen property. Meanwhile, Palnati Seenu developed a grudge against Basha for disposing the stolen property through one lady instead of him and also for having illegal contacts with his girlfriend and misleading her. He also felt that after deceased got acquainted with his girlfriend, she began avoiding him and this how he decided to kill Basha.

Palnati Seenu offered Rs 2 lakh to Allam Suresh and Waseem and instructed them to kill the deceased SK Basha. On May 9, 2009 the duo killed Basha at an isolated place near Shamshabad outskirts after forcing to consume heavy liquor.

Apart from killing Basha they also threw the dress and belongings of the victim adjoining Hyderabad-Bengaluru Highway with the aim to hide the identity of Basha.

The death of Sk. Basha was reported as the death of an unidentified person and a case vide. Cr.No: 238/09 U/s 302, 201 IPC was registered at RGIA Shamshabad P'S of Cyberabad Commissionerate on May 10,2009 and investigated into. However, the case was referred as Undetected, as the identity of the deceased and accused people were not known.

While speaking about how the case was detected and identity of deceased established, S. Chaitanya Kumar l, Addl. Dy. Commissioner of Police,Commissioner’s Task Force said, "On a reliable information, we picked up the accused persons and they were interrogated with the assistance of RGIA Shamshabad Police of Cyberabad Commissionerate".

He adds, "The accused confessed to killing the deceased and identified location of Crime scene. An identity to deceased, facts and crime scene got matched to the unknown dead body of above mentioned case of RGIA Shamshabad P.S. The motto of the Hyderabad police is that no criminal can go scot free once he commits crime irrespective of the time period".

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