Will Solar Eclipse play the spoilsport in Ranji Trophy?

By Anurag Mallick  Published on  25 Dec 2019 8:01 AM GMT
Will Solar Eclipse play the spoilsport in Ranji Trophy?

Hyderabad: As the final and annular solar eclipse is all set to occur as the Boxing day phenomenon on Thursday, the Ranji Trophy fixtures are under a threat.

As the annual event will be visible throughout the country partially and in parts of South India, the matches that will be played in the southern part of the country are in a situation of concern.

The match that can be affected by the Solar Eclipse can be that between Karnataka and Himachal Pradesh which will be played in Mysuru.

The solar eclipse in Mysuru is expected to start around 7:59 am and end at 1:35 pm. The impact of the eclipse can be seen the most at 10:47 am. This eclipse is expected to last for around three and a half hours.

The actual concern comes in when one looks at the sun directly. This may damage the eye retina where the maximum damage can be caused when the eclipse is at its maximum. So to avoid any such incidents, the BCCI is yet to decide the match fixtures and their timings.

Speaking to media on the same, BCCI general manager (cricket operations), Saba Karim said - " We'll leave it to the Match referees."

Notably, it is after a span of 10 years that we're going to witness the maximum obscuration Solar Eclipse. This means that the maximum part of the sun will be covered by the moon and only a ring will be visible.

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