St.Francis students to boycott classes in protest against dress code

By Anusha Puppala  Published on  13 Sep 2019 6:39 PM GMT
St.Francis students to boycott classes in protest against dress code

Hyderabad: After introducing a new knee-length dress code in the middle of the academic year, the management of St. Francis college at Begumpet has now hired female security guards in the pretext of security. Students alleged that the female security guards are employed to check the length of Kurtis. Students alleged that the female security guards allegedly are behaving harshly.

Annoyed with the college's decision to keep a check on the length of the kurti's every day, the students have decided to raise their voice. The students alleged that the college management is trying to ruin their college days by dictating their beliefs and lifestyles, which the students believe is toxic.

In a video released by the students on Thursday, a lady guard was seen arguing with a parent. The guard was not allowing the student until the Kurti length is measured.

The guard even asked the parent to wait until the principal comes to approve the entry of his daughter. The female guard also asked the parent to take her child back home for wearing short Kurti.

Hence, the students decided to not to enter the college gate on Monday and to stand outside the college gate to do a considerable protest. The students have also decided to not to wear Kurti on Monday and planned to wear anything else apart from Kurtis.

One of the students with the condition of anonymity said, "The college announced a new dress code change in the middle of the year and we were told that a long Kurti would get us good marriage proposals. They told our representatives that standing up for a cause is blasphemous, raising your voice is blasphemous. This went against the very grain of our values as millennials of the 21st century".

"Things got worse, every day we were all humiliated for wearing a Kurti that was just an inch or less above the knee, we were made to stand outside the college, loosing out on classes and tests", the student added.

Another student said, "the college went ahead and hired female security guards in the pretext of security, these female guards were checking the length of our Kurtis, they went ahead and pulled girls by their id cards and even pulled their Kurtis".

"If the length of our kurthi is enough, we are allowed inside our college campus and if not then we are asked to return home and how long we can tolerate this. There are some students who said that they couldn't afford to buy new knee-length kurthis at this point in time. The college length of our Kurthi can't decide whether we are disciplined or not because even if it's the little above knee, they ain't allowing us to enter the college". she added.

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