Hyderabad: Telangana State Election Commission on October 31 notified that the voter enrollment audit will start for the GHMC election on November 7. The election commission on Saturday said that the preparation of ward wise Draft Photo Electoral Rolls for GHMC and its display for inspection by the general public at the places will be on November 7.

The election commission on Saturday also said that the person who has enrolled before January 1, 2020, they will be eligible to vote in GHMC elections.

The receipt of objections or re-arrangement of urban Assembly voters in ward-wise photo electoral rolls GHMC will be done from November 8 to November 11. The election commission has also arranged for a meeting with the representatives of the political parties at GHMC level with the commissioner and election authority on November 10 and at GHMC circle level by deputy commissioner of GHMC on November 10.

The final publication of ward wise photo electoral rolls of GHMC by the deputy commissioner of the concerned circles will be displayed on November 13.

The election commission also said that the details of polling areas will be indicated on the title page of each of the ward wise Municipal Electoral rolls.

The state election commissioner also said that after the publication of the list, any inclusions and deletions or correction will be obtained by the concerned Deputy Commissioner of GHMC concerned after November 13.

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