Stranger goes an extra mile to save 19-year-old girl with brain tumor

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  4 March 2020 5:41 AM GMT
Stranger goes an extra mile to save 19-year-old girl with brain tumor

Hyderabad: Venu Madhav Pendurthi, a software engineer and a captain at Rapido was moved when he heard of 19-year-old Swaroopa, who had been diagnosed with a brain tumor but did not have money for the operation. He collected funds from NGOs, Rapido riders, family, and friends and helped the girl. Venu, in an exclusive with NewsMeter, shares his journey to help Swaroopa.

Rapido Captain Saves Girl

How do you sum up your journey?

My entire journey began when I saw the news clipping of Swaroopa who was diagnosed with a brain tumor. There were several stages involved in our journey: meeting them, finding out the estimated cost for the operation, setting up a target, interacting with Rapido strangers, sharing the news, and finally fulfilling the cause. These stages had their own impact on me and this complete cycle brought support and donations.

You helped one but there are many people suffering. What is your plan for them?

Yes, I agree that there are many who are suffering from various diseases. I would like to help people and I strongly believe that for every suffering person another helpful person like Venu will be there. When I started asking for donations, people I had never met before came forward. Good people are around us but they don't have the proper channel to help others. Right now there are no plans but I would like to help as many people as I can.

How do you feel after the successful operation?

I cannot put into words or give an index of my happiness. I was in the limelight because of this cause but there were so many people who helped make this a success. I would like to thank two important people, Kishore and Ajay.

While you were sharing the story of Swaroopa with Rapido customers what were some of the talks you still remember?

There were people with different thoughts, ideas, and mentalities. When I started explaining the situation some people had a positive response that a software engineer was collecting donations but some people didn't respond at all. In fact, some even suggested that I get a job in another company and take a pay hike so that I can help her. That was a good idea but I didn't have much time. I still remember one rider, Olivia Mukherjee who works as an HR in Gaian Solutions. She listened to my story with immense patience and posted a small story on her LinkedIn which boosted our donations.

What is kindness according to you?

Kindness is treating fellow humans equally, irrespective of their status in society. Instead of taking pity on them, take actions.

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