Strike devastated TSRTC martyr's family

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  14 Oct 2019 5:25 AM GMT
Strike devastated TSRTC martyrs family

Hyderabad: D Srinivas Reddy, a TSRTC driver from Khammam district who succumbed to burns on Sunday after he immolated himself, did not have much to worry about. Unlike thousands of his colleagues who were affected with the salary delay, increments and other financial benefits, Srinivas was relatively secure as compared to his colleagues. Thanks to his two sons who are serving in the Indian Air Force and Army.

Until the strike began, he used to receive his salary regularly, he saved a good amount of his money and made sure both his children were settled in life. While his eldest son, Abhiram, who serves in the Army is married while the family is currently searching for matches for Sai Harshith.

D Srinivas Reddy had a small beautiful family with his wife Savitri, his two sons and his daughter-in-law.Though he was contented and happy with his small family, what troubled him most was the welfare of his employees. He had often spoken about their hardships and how justice had to be done to. Unlike other employees who were worried about their jobs, Srinivas did not have to share their troubles. His worry was about his colleagues who were going through the worst part of their careers and this has forced him to take the extreme step. Leaving his own family orphaned, he laid his life for his colleagues. A suicide note purportedly written by him said that all employees should get their jobs back and it should be with all of them.

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