Sunitha Krishnan tested negative for Coronavirus

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  3 March 2020 4:13 AM GMT
Sunitha Krishnan tested negative for Coronavirus

Hyderabad: Social activist and founder of Prajwala, Sunitha Krishnan has been tested negative for COVID-19. She was self-admitted at Gandhi hospital on Monday morning.

She recently came back from Bangkok and experienced cough. Hence she admitted herself to get tested for the virus. She was kept under isolation and her test results came out to be negative.

She said, " The test results for coronavirus has just come in, it is NEGATIVE, what a relief!!!

Many thanks to all my friends & well wishes for your prayers and wishes."

While she was at the hospital, she told NewsMeter, "I can feel the panic around me, some people gleefully also writing my obituary, many spreading wrong info & I think that is why people are scared of self-disclosure. There is so much of unnecessary phobia around this. I think it is overrated and the medical fraternity is not helping either."

Meanwhile, a techie who was residing in Mahendra hills of Hyderabad has been kept under isolation in Gandhi Hospital. 80 people associated with him are being tested. His blood samples are sent to Pune virology centre. Apart from him, one from Rajasthan and Delhi are also tested, positive for the virus.

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