Sye Raa: A patriotic tale able to connect with the audience instantly

By Priyanka Kanoj  Published on  2 Oct 2019 1:39 PM GMT
Sye Raa: A patriotic tale able to connect with the audience instantly

Carrying all the hype, Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy starring Megastar Chiranjeevi has hit the screens today. Helmed by Surender Reddy, the primary intent behind this epic is to glorify the unsung story of freedom fighter Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy. With an ensemble of stars in the movie, Sye Raa is expected to be a blockbuster.

Star Cast: Chiranjeevi, Amitabh Bachchan, Nayanthara, Tamannaah Bhatia, Vijay Sethupathi, Sudeep and Jagapathi Babu

Director: Surender Reddy

Producer: Ram Charan

Music Director: Amit Trivedi

Cinematography: Rathnavelu

Editor: A. Sreekar Prasad

Story Line:

The film takes us back to the British rule in India. In 1846, Britishers started imposing their oppressive rule on Indians, and the people of India were exhausted with the colonisers’ feudalistic approach. A spark of rebellion began with Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy. He started to oppose the atrocities by British rulers, and the movie is about how Narasimha Reddy fought against them.

Roles and Performances:

After acting in more than 150 movies, this venture can be called as an apt one to elevate Chiranjeevi’s career. In the role of a mighty rebel, Chiranjeevi portrayed Narasimha Reddy with grace. His acting prowess is evident in some of the most emotional scenes. It is a proud moment for Ram Charan to have his father act in this emotional role under his production.

Tamannaah Bhatia shares a good screen presence as she appears in one of the most significant roles in the movie. Nayanthara’s appearance justifies her character, and her screen presence is undeniable. Actors like Jagapathi Babu, Vijay Sethupathi, Kichha Sudeep, and Amitabh Bachchan were perfect in their respective roles.

Technical Aspects:

With the excellent portrayal of the grand visuals and terrific VFX, add to the top-notch production values of the movie. Konidela Production’s Ram Charan is to be given due credits for good production values and the grand visual effects.

The audience who have watched Sye Raa opines that the background music was apt for the visuals. The music complements the patriotic emotions and evokes it in the audience.

Cinematographer Rathnavelu is one of the most talented technicians in India. His camera work is to be appreciated.

The screenplay is a bit lagged in the first-half but intrigues the audience towards the interval. Surender Reddy has succeeded in creating a significant impact with his take on the story.


The word ‘Sye Raa’ will echo in the hearts of the audience even after they leave theatres, and the movie can connect with the audience instantly. With well-written screenplay and balanced emotions, Sye Raa is a tale of a legend who became one of the first freedom fighters in India.

With Chiranjeevi in a dynamic role, the movie emotionally connects with us thanks to the patriotic feelings evoked within. An ensemble of stars being the strength, emotions being the essence, Sye Raa is a winner.

Verdict: A must-watch movie.

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