T govt takes a U-turn hikes PG medical fees; students up in arms

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  5 May 2020 3:59 AM GMT
T govt takes a U-turn hikes PG medical fees; students up in arms

Hyderabad: Amid Covid-19 crisis, Telangana state government has hiked the fees of PG Medical and Dental courses in private colleges across the state.

The government issued the GO on Monday even though it is dated April 14, 2020. The eligible candidates can exercise their web options for admission in PG Medical Degree/Diploma courses from 8 am on May 5 to 1 pm on May 7, 2020.

Telangana Doctor Associations and PG aspirants have alleged that the state government has deliberately released the GO (government order) just before the web counseling schedule.

According to the GO, Telangana govt has hiked the fees from Rs 3.8 Lakhs to 7.75 Lakhs for the students admitted to Professional Post Graduate Medical and Dental Courses for the block period 2020-2023 in Telangana un-aided Non-Minority and Minority Medical and Dental Professional Institutions.

The state government has hiked the fees based on the recommendations of Telangana Admission and Fee Regulatory Committee (TAFRC), Hyderabad for the Block period 2020-2023. The state govt in its GO stated that they have accepted the recommended free structure after careful examination.

"The government after careful examination of the matter, hereby accept the fee structure as recommended by the Telangana Admission and Fee Regulatory Committee as appended to this order as Annexure-I & Il for the Private Unaided Non-Minority and Minority Post Graduate Medical/Dental Professional Institutions in the State for the Block Period 2020-2023," the GO read.

"It will make the merit students in the mid-range ranks of 5,000 to 15,000 to think twice before opting for private colleges. Most of the students who cannot afford the fees are forced to opt non-clinical courses in government colleges when he/she can get a clinical seat in private colleges,” Dr. P S Vijayender, Ex-Chairman- Telangana Junior Doctors Association(TJUDA) told NewsMeter.

“These are the tactics by private colleges, to make all the students aware of the hiked fee. Now with a pre-fixed mind, students enter the colleges or else will be forced to try again by wasting one more year. It is very difficult to get a stay on the GO within two days now".

Dr. Vijayender noted that every citizen wants doctors to serve them free but nobody speaks about how much they are spending on education.

“During this pandemic period, the Telangana government silently doubled the private college fees and gave legal right to demand bank guarantee for the next two years. This is just a ridiculous decision by the government of Telangana favoring the private Medical colleges,” he said.

Due to expensive medical education, students from economically background classes are not able to pursue their dreams. “ Even middle-class students will not be able to afford Medical PG education. This will affect our future healthcare system and increase the cost enormously. How can a student from middle-class get Rs 14 lakh bank guarantee after paying Rs 7 lakhs as college fees?” he asked.

Dr. K Mahesh, President- Healthcare Reforms Doctors Association said the new fee hike will be applicable only for a block period 2020-23.

“So the new fee structure will be applicable from 2020-21 batch. The fees pertaining to 2017-18, 2018-19, 2019-20 is still pending in the High Court. The new G.O. seems to be issued with recommendations of TAFRC. But still, the fee is exorbitant and we will look into the issue and speak to our standing counsels to challenge the new G.O. Colleges can collect only one-year bank guarantee as per previous High Court judgment," he said.

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