Take measures to prevent atrocities against Dalits: KCR to T Cops

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  8 Oct 2020 5:05 AM GMT
Take measures to prevent atrocities against Dalits: KCR to T Cops

Hyderabad: Waking up to atrocities on Dalits in the country, Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao urged the police to take steps for preventing attacks on the weaker sections of the society.

The CM said it was unfortunate that incidents of atrocities against the Dalits are being reported from various parts of the country. KCR said the society in the country should distance itself from such incidents.

He urged the police to take precautionary measures to prevent any untoward incidents against the Dalits. He wanted the police to focus more on preventive measures and be alert. He said the responsibility to prevent any attack on the weaker sections of the society lies with the state police.

“All the police personnel from the higher officials to the lower rung officials should become part of the society. They should perform what is called friendly policing, giving respect to each and every citizen without any discrimination. Police should have humane approach,” he said.

The CM asked for speeding up the process of installing 10 Lakh CCTVs in Hyderabad city. He wanted the police department to increase the use of Information technology advancements to control criminal activities and offenses. KCR said that the world-class, state-of-the-art Command Control system in Hyderabad would become operational very soon. He wanted the police to deal with an iron hand on organized crimes

KCR said Telangana is now number one state in the country as far as maintenance of law and order situation is concerned. The

The CM was speaking at a meeting held at Pragathi Bhavan here on Wednesday in which senior police and forest officers have participated.

The CM said senior police officials should work relentlessly to maintain law and order in the State.

KCR said the Telangana government was laying more emphasis on women protection and the state police should put an extra effort in this regard. He said there was a need to control and eradicate the sale and supply of banned substances like the Ganja, which were harming the society especially the young generation.

The CM instructed that stern action should be taken against those plundering the forest wealth. The CM said due to the negligent attitude of the past rulers, timber smuggling became an easy business for some.

He said in order to put an end to smuggling of forest wealth; the police should also join hands with the forest officers. The CM urged that the police to actively participate in programmes like Haritha Haram to develop awareness about the forests and effectively control the smuggling of forest wealth. KCR has asked the forest officials to have coordination with the local police to control the smuggling activities.

KCR suggested that higher officials from both departments should have regular coordination meetings and prepare an action plan to curb the timber smuggling. He said only through such coordinated efforts a good service can be rendered to the society.

The CM said one of the many great victories of the state is the total eradication of manufacture and sale of the illicit liquor. He said due to Corona, there were some reports suggesting illicit liquor manufacturing.

Police and Excise officials should also work in coordination, he said. The CM asked the police to remain on high alert and curb social evils including gambling.

The CM also instructed the senior police officers to deal more firmly on the fake certificates incidents. “It will send wrong signals, if people are able to produce fake certificates instead of getting the real ones after studying hard. Police should nab the gangs that are involved in fake certificates racket,” he said.

The CM also felt that more effort should be put in the police department for the welfare of women employees. “Since 33 percent reservation for women is being implemented in the police department, the number of women employees is on the rise. At all the police offices, police stations and other wings where women are employed, rest rooms and other facilities should be created,” he said.

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