Telangana: DGP Asked to Delete a Tweet Suspected From Pakistan

By Samanth Lanka  Published on  18 Aug 2019 5:57 AM GMT
Telangana: DGP Asked to Delete a Tweet Suspected From Pakistan

Hyderabad: On Saturday, Hyderabad police debunked a false tweet claim made through an account @FaizaneMadina saying “#RSSTerrorist attacked #Muslim Village in #Telanagan #india, Many houses burnt and many Muslims injured, Reports of #AsaduddinOwaisi also got injured (sic).”

“This news was immediately verified on ground and it is completely false,” tweeted Telangana DGP M Mahender Reddy pertaining to the issue.

The Hyderabad cyber crime police requested to delete the tweet which could have created communal hatred among people. The tweet is suspected to be emanated from Pakistan. Hyderabad police said that “it's a clear case of deliberately spreading false information.”

Mahender advised Telangana people not to believe such fake messages. Any news that seems to be skeptical should be verified along with the source. If there is any doubt about such spurious or biased messages, police should be informed immediately and the message not forwarded it blindly.

“If anyone is found forwarding such fake messages in order to create instability and disharmony in the society, criminal cases will be registered against them and they will be dealt with stringent action,” said Mahender.

In an era where social media is widespread in every part of the world, there are several instances of fake news and thousands are victimized because of it.

In the past week, the Union Home Secretary asked twitter to close a few accounts that are from Kashmir. Those accounts have been involved in “spreading rumours and misinformation to disturb the peace and calm in the Valley,” reported in India Today.

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