Telangana govt passes resolution against Uranium mining

By Sreenivasa Rao Dasari  Published on  16 Sep 2019 5:36 PM GMT
Telangana govt passes resolution against Uranium mining

Hyderabad: Telangana Assembly on Monday unanimously passed a resolution banning any type of Uranium mining activity in the state. The TRS government has further demanded the Centre to withdraw the ongoing Uranium mining in Nallamala forest area.

“Today, our Assembly unanimously passed a resolution banning Uranium mining in Nallamala forest area. This prohibits Uranium mining across the state. Nallamala not only a mere forest, but it's also asset and identity of Telangana. We don't allow anyone to carry a spade as well. If the Centre pressurizes the state government, then all the MLAs will fight united against the central government,” said Mr K Chandrashekhara Rao, the Telangana Chief Minister.

Telangana Industries and IT Minister Mr KT Rama Rao introduced the resolution in the House. Mr KTR said that Nallamala forest was known for its rich biodiversity.

“If Uranium mining is allowed in the forest area, it’ll spoil the wildlife and the environment as well. Most of the Nallamala forest area comes under the catchment area of Krishna river. Moreover, the radiation will further negatively impact the agricultural activity along the Krishna river. Hence, we request the Centre to withdraw from its plan to survey, explore and mining of Uranium in the Nallamala forest area,” maintained Mr KTR.

The Nallamala forest is home to tribals comprising Chenchu and a good number of wildlife as well. The forest area is known for tigers, bears, spotted deer, leopards, Nilgai and several other wild animals. Nallamala forest area has huge medicinal plants, Mr Rao informed the Assembly.

The then Congress government in the united Andhra Pradesh allowed Uranium mining, and it's going on in Kadapa district, said Mr KCR. Not only agriculture activity along the Krishna river, but also drinking water to Hyderabad will also be polluted. We'll not allow Uranium mining in future also.

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